Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Riley is getting so big

     Well a lot can happen in 4 months.  Riley is 8 months old now and is so much fun.  We had Riley's baby blessing on October 9th.  We were so greatful for all the love and support from all our family and friends.  She learned to roll over in November, and now goes all over the floor.  She is pretty good at sitting, we have been working on that for awhile.  I started feeding her rice cereal in January and she loved it.  She now eats cereal twice a day along with fruit and vegetable baby food.  She also eats those flavored Puff's that disolve really fast.  She is a good eater and we also give her different things off of our plates, depending on what it is.  Her newest trick is that she is starting to crawl.  She will push up on all fours and rock back and forth and than try and move forward.  She can move forward but she is not very fast yet, rolling is still faster.  But I'm sure she will soon be all over the place. She also got her first tooth on March 10th, and I think she has another one coming.  At her 6th month check-up she weighed 15lbs. 5oz. and was 24.7 in tall.  She has always been a little sweetheart.  She is such a happy, sweet little girl.  She sleeps through the night now, and it is wonderful.  She goes down at 7:30pm and wakes up at 7:30am.  Riley has been such an easy baby, she is hardly ever fussy.  I started working in a bottle in the begining of March and it only took 1 day.  I stopped nursing completely a few days after her tooth came in and she did just fine.  Riley is such a blessing in our lives and she brings so much happiness to our home.  We just love her so much.

     Kyle and I are doing really well also.  Not much has happened with us.  There is still a lot that I want to do to our home, and I haven't really been able to do anything yet.  Kyle is loving his job.  Right now he is in White City and works 4 days on, 4 days off from 5 pm to 4:30 am.  The 4 days that he works is a little hard because we don't get a lot of time with him.  But the 4 days off is great because we get a lot of time with him.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

So Riley is almost 4 months old now :(  I can't believe how fast she is growing, it makes me sad.  She is such an easy, happy, sweet little baby.  She usually only cries when she is hungry or in her car seat for too long.  She loves her bumbo chair because she loves to look around.  She likes to talk and likes to be talked too.  She is pretty easy to get to smile and we are getting close to getting her to laugh.  Kyle actually got her to laugh and when I got the camera out to record her she stopped.  So far it has been just a one time thing, but we both thought it was amazingly sweet.  She has been drooling a lot lately but she is not teething.  She was going through a faze where she was just snacking and I could not get her to nurse on both sides or for very long.  She would get distracted and pull away and just talk and smile at me.  I was enjoying it, but I could not get anything done.  So now I am trying to get her to eat every 3 to 4 hour.  It was hard at first because she would just cry until it was time to eat and it would break my heart.  But now she is doing pretty well with it.  I thought that she was sleeping through the night, but that only lasted a week.  She will usually go down anywhere between 8:30 and 10:30 at night and  wake up between 5:30 and 7:30 in the morning to eat and than she goes right back to sleep.  Than she'll wake up every few hours to eat until about 11:30 and than she likes to be up for awhile and we hang out while I finish getting ready for the day.  Than we run errands or hang out until Kyle gets up and than we go do stuff with him.  She is not on a real schedule yet, which is fine with me.  I have loved being a mom and Riley is so cute and fun.  She is a very snuggly baby and she loves attention.  Which is good because between Kyle and I we smother her. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So this post is way over due....

We now have a wonderful little girl and are now homeowners.

On July 7th I had a doctors appointment and found out that I was going to get induced on July 12th, but was to go into the hospital on the night of the 11th. I was at 38 weeks in my pregnancy. So that weekend I had a few more baby showers and than got ready to go into the hospital. My mom drove here on Monday and I called the hospital Monday night at 9. They told me they weren't ready, but would call me when they had room for me. So we waited and waited. Finally at 12 am they called and said I could come in at 12:30 am. So now its Tuesday and at 3am they started a drug that started with a C and it softened my Cervix. The drug is given every 4 hours for 12 hours. Than they would start the Potassium. So Kyle and I slept for 4 hours, and at 7am they came in to give me the second dose. At that time my water broke and I started having contractions. The first drug caused my contractions to be right on top of each other and I was having back labor. I was determined not to get an epidural and the pain started getting pretty intense, so I got a couple of shots of a drug called Phentonal and it worked for the first few hours. Than the pain just kept getting worse and because the contractions were right on top of each other I was having a hard time trying to manage the pain. Kyle kept trying to talk me into getting an epidural. Usually the woman asks for the drugs, but instead Kyle was. He does not like seeing me in pain or when I feel sick. The nurse told me that I was progressing well and that they were going to start the Potassium early and that when they did the contractions were going to get more intense. So I gave in and got an epidural. At this time I had been awake since Monday morning and had only gotten a 4 hour nap. So as soon as the epidural kicked in it was awesome. I no longer felt my contractions and Kyle and I were both able to sleep. I kept progressing and around 8 pm my Mom and Grandpa came to the Hospital because I was dilated to an 8. And at 10pm I was finally ready to push. And 4 hours and lots of pushing, I still had no baby. Kyle could see her head, but I just could not get her out, her head was too big. So I had Kyle go get my Mom and Grandpa and we told them that they should just go home and try and get some sleep because I had to have a C-section. I cried and cried, I did not want to have a C-section. Kyle and my Grandpa gave me a blessing before they left. Than 2 hours later they started prepping me for the C-section, we had to wait because there were 2 women in front of me. So finally at 4:54 am on July 13th we had our baby. We both cried when we heard her cry. Riley Gleue weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and was 20 inches long. When they brought her over to Kyle she had her eyes open so wide. Kyle held her close to my head so that I could see and smell her, and we both cried some more. When they finally rolled us back to our room, we only got to be with Riley for a few hours. She ended up having to go to the NICU because of my Diabetes. Her blood sugar was low because she her pancreas needed to learn how to stabilize her blood sugar on its own. When they took her away from me I cried and cried. But luckily she did so well and only had to be in there for 18 hours, which was a really short time. We went and visited her as much as possible. Kyle went more than me because I just could not move. I had done a good job taking care of the both of us during my pregnancy that she was able to stabilize her sugars really fast. We were released from the hospital on July 16th. I have had to recover from both kinds of delivery, it was a little rough. And 2 weeks after having Riley, Kyle and I moved. We finally were able to close on our townhome on July 28th. I got pretty sore and I tried not to do too much. We had lots of help from family, which was wonderful. My sister was able to come with her 4 kids to see Riley and I. She got here on July 25th and we ended up having to stay at my grandparents house for a few days before Kyle and I were able to close on our house. So thank you to them for letting us crash there with 4 adults and 5 kids. Sheena and my Mom stayed with Kyle and I until August 3rd, it was so fun having them here. I cried a lot when they left me.

I had been hooked up to an IV for over 36 hours and so I was so puffy from all the fluids, I finally look normal now.
This is me dressing her right before we got discharged from the Hospital.I could not figure out how to rotate this picture, sorry. But look how cute she is :)

So I couldn't figure out how to rotate this picture, but isn't she cute.
This is our first family picture, and I hate how fat I look.

This is her at 1 month old, and this is one of my favorite outfits

She has the cutest little feet ever :)

I think this face is funny :)

She is such a good sleeper :)

This is one of my favorite pictures of Riley, it makes me giggle everytime I look at it.

So our townhome is in West Jordan right behind the Copperhills High School. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, laundry room, 1 car garage, and the master bedroom has 2 closets.

I will put better pictures up of our place when I get it organized a little better.